Our Aims

Decades of grassroots and public campaigns have aided in raising awareness around the magnitude of cardiovascular disease in women. Profound changes and movements that positively affect women have gained momentum during this time. But despite the influence of social and cultural progress and awareness, there has been a confounding stagnation in the overall reduction of cardiovascular disease burden for women. Distinct strategies are urgently needed to tackle inequities in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart disease in women; to advance innovative solutions for early detection and targeted management; to unravel the underlying biological mechanisms that contribute to sex-specific differences in outcomes, and to finally decrease the global cardiovascular disease burden in women.


Primary Commission Aims:

  1. SUMMARIZE the existing scientific evidence and the outline gaps in research and care for women with cardiovascular disease.
  2. PRESENT concrete recommendations for addressing related gaps, drawing on best practices from medical and non-medical fields.
  3. SHOWCASE leaders, innovators, and advocates for women with cardiovascular disease.
  4. GENERATE global awareness about sex-specific disparities in cardiovascular disease and prompt needed additional research.
  5. PROVIDE a springboard into future activities furthering the impact of the Commission.