The Lancet Women and Cardiovascular Disease Commission: Reducing the Global Burden by 2030 is a collaboration between the Lancet medical journal and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


What is a Lancet Commission:

The Lancet Commissions are based on the premise that organised science can provide a strong platform for advocacy. Commissions bring together multidisciplinary, international teams to produce evidence-led reports that are aimed at creating transformational change in response to urgent, and often neglected or understudied health problems.

A Commission works over a long period (usually 2-3 years) to produce a report of around 25,000 words that includes key messages and recommendations. These reports are the result of a rigorous peer-review process and their findings are backed up by the best available science and published in a Lancet journal. This is what makes them such powerful tools for pursuing policy change and political action.